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Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park / Nairobi kenya national park is the first park to be gazetted in Kenya on December 16th 1946, the park is located about 7km (4.3mi) south of Nairobi in Kenya, and it’s the only wildlife park in the world that is so close to the city. The park covers an area of 117km2, on 45 square miles and lies about 5000-6000 feet (1500-1800 meters) above sea level. Nairobi National Park consists partly of thick woods near the city outskirts, partly of rolling plains and valleys, and partly of wooded confluence of several rivers, its vegetation is of the dry transitional savanna type. Acacias and other thorny varieties, muhuhu, Cape chestnut, and Kenya olive are the most important trees that acts as habitat for the wildlife in the park. Nairobi National park is the major rhino sanctuary for breeding and restocking other parks, the park is a home of over 100 mammal species having four of the Big five (lion, Buffalo, leopard, rhino) other animal species include the zebra, black rhinoceroses, giraffe, various species of antelope well as numerous reptiles and among others in the park to thrill while on Kenya wildlife Tours. And also the park has a spectacular wildebeest and zebra migration. Nairobi National Park has over 500 recorded bird species at least 20 of which are seasonal European migrants, some of the bird species in the park includes the Secretary bird, Lesser kestrel, Martial eagle, Pallid harrier, Sooty falcon, White-bellied bustard, Grey crowned crane, Corncrake and many others.

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