About Us

AFRICA TOURS & HOLIDAYS is the largest online marketplace for African safari tours. Easily compare offers from specialized tour operators. Make decisions by comparing different packages offered by professional and experienced tour operators across Africa.


AFRICA TOURS & HOLIDAYS collects and categorizes all the African packages to do so you research less and do more. Africa to Oceania and back again, we make it simple for you to find and book an activity that will make your trip — or your day.


We have the best genuine reviews. We never allow Tour operators to censor their own reviews. We believe you should be able to read everyone's opinions about every package, both good and bad.


In addition to user-submitted reviews, we also have paid reviewers who Use Tour operators in person to write more thorough comprehensive reviews (these appear at the top of the page, separate from the user reviews at the bottom of the page).


Our reviewers also photograph each Tour operators so that we can show our users what to on a typical day, not just the glossy perfection of photos provided Tour operators owners.